Ohio Mini Shoot

Had the opportunity to a mini shoot with my sister Kelsie (with a few of Toby are pup thrown in there). We waited patiently in hopes of snow and that night we got four inches. SO the next day we braced the 0 degree weather and got these awesome shots. Hope you like the photos (because I do)

New Year's Resolutions

This will be my first time ever to sit down and write me new years resolutions. Putting them in my blog I hope will hold me to them!


Get Comfortable in Front of the Camera

This used to be so easy for me, but then I had issues with my thyroid which caused a lot of issues with my own confidence. I used to be good in front of the camera but now I clench up and don't know how to act. Getting that cofidence back is something I am really going to try to work on in 2018


Hike and Exercise More Often

This is something I did in 2017 and something I need to continue for 2018. I want to be healthy and feel healthy. Since a lot of my jobs involve a lot of sitting and being inside its so easy to get in a rut. 2018 will be my hiking year I can feel it.


Enjoy Watercolor

After taking a watercolor class this semester I realized how much I enjoy it! In 2018 I want to start either intergrating watercolor in to my photographic work or paint more for myself and friends.


Shoot More Film and Video

In 2017 I started anther Instagram account called @Lensonfriends or Friends on Film. It showcases the people in my life and all the things we do. Now in 2018, I want that to grow. I want to try to keep a film camera on me at all times to get more images of the amazing people in my life. Also this last semester I took photo on the web a course focused on the internet and video. I need to figure out exactly where video fits in my photographic process in 2018 . 


Collaborate  with More Artists

Whether its working with someones idea or working with brands I want to be more open to working and learning together in 2018!

Lolly's Grad Session

Congratulations to Lolly who graduated this past weekend! I loved the shoot we did for her, especially with her awesome UNT boots! hope you like the photos!

A Quick Vacation

Some of my family recently went on vacation to Cozumel, Belize, Roatan, and Grand Cayman.  Here is our trip summarized into a quick video and of course some photos from my point of view. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I can't wait to go back some day!

Abby's Grad Session

CONGRATULATIONS to Abby for one being my first client to find me on facebook and for graduating this semester! I had a great time walking around campus and shooting with her. Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did.

Leah's Graduation Photos

Leah came into this shoot with a lot of ideas! We did everything from using some UNT green smoke bombs, champagne, and champagne poppers. It was a lot of fun and relaxed photo shoot. I loved the variety of images we were able to capture!. Congratulations Leah on your upcoming graduation I can't wait to see what you do!

Collaborative shoot with Maia

Maia reached out to be a couple of weeks ago to collaborate on a new shoot, and I loved the results. Very much inspired by the blue tones in the sky. Maia made the shoot easy by always moving never staying in one pose for extended periods. It was hard to narrow down to just these photos. I hope you like them Here is a link to Maia's blog and Instagram.

First trip to Austin

My roommates and I rented an airbnb in Austin this past week. The house was so beautiful and peaceful we ended up spending a few hours just shooting. The light was so amazing and it was extremely well decorated that it made the shoot effortless. I hope you enjoy some of my favorites!

(also big shout out to my roommates for being amazing models and letting me take almost 800 photos of them)


at home with Ari

Galligan Family

A family session that I did while in tn. I am glad I had the opportunity to hang out with this family, and take these fun candid photos (even if it took us a couple tries). Hope you like the change up and see the fun in each photo as I did.

at home with Bre

I am back in Texas, and I finally got around to shooting again. These images are of my roommate Bre around our house and backyard. I am trying to challenge myself more by doing a shoot once a week. It sounds stupid, but I am hoping it will keep me from getting into a slump of not trying new creative things.

Posting from my backyard

Back in Tennessee and I'm in love with the weather and the scenery. My sister says no matter where you look in Tn there is a great view, and I completely agree. This impromptu shoot came about because of this state and the freedom I feel when I am here. Lately, I have been putting to much pressure on myself to make my social media appear perfect. Taking photos and exploring became less fun because of this self-applied pressure I have been putting on myself. I have consistently felt I needed to have a perfectly well-balanced feed and that weird burden is so ridiculous. Now that it's summer and I am back home my new goal is to make things fun again. So that's what I am going to be doing and posting. No more making things perfect but just making myself happy.


Color Pop

Unt, fine arts center, brought the architects of air show. It was an interactive exhibit that students were encouraged to walk through and spend time and each space. After a friend had done a shoot with me, I decided to to take my turn in the space and use it as a unique location. I shot my friend Racheal in two of my favorite super contemporary shirts. Hope you like them!


Lake Murray

Photos from a day trip to Lake Murray to shoot new photos for the shirts I have been working on. I plan on taking some these photos and turning them into digital negatives that I will then expose on to t-shirts (coming soon). Going out and exploring has become a huge part of my photoraphic practice, with all this green its making it easier and easier.


Over spring break I got the opportunity to visit some of my closest friends in Miami. It was a much-needed vacation and the perfect week to shoot plants, the ocean, and my amazing friends. One of those friends started a great clothing brand called Super Contemporary. I highly suggest checking them out and buying a few shirts;). Hope you like the photos.


Finally getting around to posting the photos from a family vacation to Colorado that lead to my mom and I driving around an area of an elevation of over 10,000' and my head out the sunroof taking photos of everything that caught my eye. When we were not out skiing, snowboarding, or playing cards I took every chance I had to go in shoot. Hope you enjoy them!


With everything calming down in my life for a few days, I drove to Arkansas to see my family that I do not get to see as often as I like anymore. These photos capture little moments when I wasn't at my grandparents' house catching up with everyone. I took the time to go outside and hike to a place I had not seen since I was a kid.


The other day I asked my good friend Michelle to come out and do a shoot with me. After a small break from shooting this summer, it was great to get back into the swing of things. We drove around Denton stopping at a few places that I had always wanted to shoot. I tried to attempt at making digital look like film, using Katch Silva Presents. She is one of my favorite couple photographers. If you haven't seen her work, you should check it out.

Explore your city

Spent the day driving around Denton looking for new photo locations, found a few new spots that I want to shoot at soon. We drove around taking random rights and lefts attempting to get lost within the town we live in. Take advantage of the your town and explore it completely, look at all of its unique houses, businesses, and landscapes. Especially while you are in college and that town is just a temporary spot. Denton has so much character go explore it.


Tuner Falls

Took a break from summer school and went hiking at Turner Falls. We went there expecting to do a single trail and ended up doing three (approximately six miles). I took along my camera and shot the paths we took, some macro photos of flowers, and a few of the friends that tagged along. It is always nice to spend time outdoors with people you care about. I currently have a sunburn and more freckles, but it was worth it to go out and explore like I used to in Tennessee.