sooo...I graduated this in May but since February I have been working in Fort Worth with The Greenhouse 817, which has been basically my dream job. I was always told throughout my college career that the goal of graduating with an art degree is to get a day job and make art when you can. I was thinking I would be miserable everyday living with 9 roommates and making art no one would ever see. Instead, the reality of my situation is that I found a job I actually enjoy going to work to. I am surrounded constantly by beauty and plants. I started managing TGH 817 social media, marketing, and website since I started working and it has been a blast. Every day I am pushing myself to create something just as amazing Deryk's (my boss) designs. Since I have started the Instagram has 2,000 ish followers and we are still growing. If you want to see what I am doing all that time follow that Instagram! LINK RIGHT HERE  below is a little preview of what you'll find.

Finding a job was the easy part. Finding a place to live has been a difficult situation but I think I  finally (as of the morning) found a place. I am getting pretty tired of driving back and forth from Denton to Fort Worth. More updates to come! I am going to try to get a little more consistent with blogging.

Creative Day pt.3

Okay, this is the last blog post from the shoot we did this day again with Racheal and  Ari (once again click those names to see what they are up too).

Same old same is going on in my life school, work, and driving (/calling my mom).

I am ready to have another free day where I can collaborate with more of my friends to create amazing work. Trust me we have a few ideas in the works that are guaranteed to be amazing.



Creative Day pt.2

The second part of the photos I took with Rachael and Ari (click their names to see their Instagrams).

Our vibe was an indie couple that's too cool for you and could out thrift you every single day of the week.